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Academic Overview

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At International University of Barbados, we maintain an environment of academic excellence to let our students focus on what matters most when they are in the University to pursue MBBS in Barbados – getting quality medical education.

We follow a pragmatic approach to medical education where we provide our students an opportunity to indulge in various experiments in the laboratories, participate in seminars, contribute to community medical outreach programs, and get clinical experiences.

Given the medium of instruction followed at the University is in the English language, all the faculty members teach the students in the English language. The faculty provides total support to the student community and is backed by modern teaching aids, medical equipment, and computerized studying process which ensures that our medical course in Barbados keeps pace with the technology and modern methods of teaching.

At the University, we maintain a disciplined yet friendly environment of medical excellence where students are free to express themselves, raise their concerns, and get their issues resolved. Such a conducive environment frees up the brain of our students and lets them properly carry out their medical studies and research and gain the most out of the laboratory experiments and clinical experiences.

The university follows a US-based medical curriculum and our competent faculty members deliver their best to let the students pragmatically understand medicine through classroom interaction, laboratory experiments, and various research projects.

The curriculum, along with lab and clinical experiences, is designed in a way that will help the students in practicing medicine in the specialty of their choice after they complete their MBBS in Barbados.

Students’ knowledge at the University is fueled by the curiosity of the students, the expertise of our experienced professors, modern infrastructure, and hands-on experiences in laboratories and clinical rotations.

On the campus, students and staff from different countries, cultures, and interests come together, share their values, forge lifelong relationships and connections, and become well-versed professionals who can compete in a global environment.


We have created an all-inclusive environment where all respect all, all connect with all, and all support all! In our inclusive and conducive environment, when all our facilities, faculty members, and students culminate into one, it creates an atmosphere of academic excellence which immensely benefits our students and helps them become great doctors.



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