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International University of Barbados is an international-oriented and diverse university in the beautiful and adventurous city of Barbados on the Caribbean island.


Established with a vision for world-class advanced medical education to deliver and facilitate medical aspirants in clinical practice, medicine development, medical & biological research, patient care, healthcare development, etc.

As our founders have expressed, the philosophy of the International University of Barbados is to educate and train students in a creative medical profession capable of diagnosing and resolving problems independently.

International University of Barbados (IUB) aims to provide the world with medical doctors that not only have the latest medical knowledge but also empirical experts. We allow our students to practice and develop their own thoughts and ideas about thoughtful medicine, practice, and a healthy society and try to bring them to a responsible position in society that is beneficial to human society.

Our intellectual environment inspires our students and staff to promote academic disciplines and benefit society. IUB trains students to actively participate in the academic community and is committed to critical thinkers and university doctors. IUB encourages students to participate actively in the academic community and is committed to critical thinkers and university academics to be more professional.

For better coordination between students and faculty members and for a personal learning experience, IUB has an optimized student-teacher ratio. The entire curriculum is taught in English medium, which focuses on integrated learning programs, problem-based teaching, and practice-based teaching by highly qualified teachers recruited from different parts of the world, Barbados and other Caribbean countries.

At IUB, We take care not only of medical education but also of their lives psychologically to not feel lonely and bored. In order to make each student feel connected and connected, we have created a culture of inclusiveness, diversity, and friendship where students from different countries come with their own suitcases of culture and contribute to diversity here while also learning the values ​​of others.

We make sure that while staying with us, students feel safe, live happily and study productively. That is why we have built a campus that houses hostel facilities, mess facilities for nutritious and hygienic food, furnished with essential things for modern lifestyles, and ensures the safety of entire IUB members.

We invite you and all the medical aspirants & enthusiastic to come to International University of Barbados and become a doctor!


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